about dna

about dna



Angela has deep roots in the skincare industry, but didn't realize it should be her career until she had graduated with a BS from the University of Minnesota and began to apply to graduate schools.  "I had worked in, and had a true interest in, the industry for years.  As I was applying to grad schools it dawned on me: my true passion was skin care," she says.  Angela quickly changed her career route, moved to New York City and attended the Dermalogica Academy, where she earned her esthetic license.  And after 8 years, she continues to take her education very seriously logging over 300+ hours worth of classes at the International Dermal Institute & Atelier Esthetique.  Angela has both the knowledge AND the understanding to help her clients with all of their skincare needs, having struggled with acne for much of her life.  "You name it, I've probably tried it," she says.  "I also know how ugly the beauty industry can be.  No one has the same skin and skin care concerns should be addressed in a very personalized and specific way."  Angela & Daniela are looking forward to welcoming you to DNA; where knowledge, experience and personalized attention come together to help you improve your skin! 






As a young New Jersey girl growing up in a household full of women, Daniela was taught about the importance of skincare early on.  Her mother often told her, "Moisturize, or your skin will turn into crocodile skin!"  Her aunt bought her a book about herbs and their benefits for the body and skin.  From their teachings, Daniela crafted her own honey-arnica masks, and lip scrubs made of oranges, sugar and olive oil.  Daniela took her early passion for esthetics and beauty and turned it into a career, studying at MUD NYC and freelancing as a makeup artist.  While working as a makeup artist, Daniela became more interested in skincare, stating "Healthy skin is, after all, the canvas for good makeup application."  It is Daniela's belief that "skin comes first."  She completed the esthetics program at Dermalogica Academy and received her New York State Esthetic License.  For over four years now, Daniela has worked in the skincare industry, and is excited to share her knowledge with everyone who visits DNA Skin NYC.  Daniela's promise is to help you achieve your best skin, and to do so with integrity and honesty, always.  Daniela states, "Angela and I have put our hearts and minds together to deliver professionalism, education, experience and a welcoming environment for our clients.  We look forward to working with you and taking care of all of your skincare needs!"



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