FOUNDATION treatment

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It is more than likely that your treatment will be different with each DNA visit due to the varying factors & conditions that affect our skin on a daily basis. We will always take the time to discuss the best options for your skin before starting your treatment.  

If it's your first time visiting us at DNA, we recommend booking our foundation treatment. 

back treatment

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We are more than happy to treat your back with the same love your skin receives during our foundation treatment. Whether your back needs some extra TLC or you've been struggling with breakouts & irritation, we're here to help. 








Unlike this photo, dermaplaning is a simple, safe and non-invasive technique that manually exfoliates your skin. Using a sterile medical grade blade, dead skin cells are removed along with any vellus hair or what many people refer to as "peach fuzz." 


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Microcurrent will be your new favorite treatment!  It is incredibly rejuvenating and will lift & tone your facial muscles. With a series of treatments, it will truly make a difference; as many people refer to it as the "non-surgical facelift"


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DNA uses the InnoPen microneedling therapy system, which is the world's safest microneedling device that will always yield consistent results in treatments with it's unique technology. 


Having a hard time deciding


Really Want to treat yourself?

Book DNA's most thorough, result driven treatment called "the works" - which includes all the best treatment protocols combining microcurrent, microneedling, a relaxing massage, & LED therapy! 






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